Summer in a bowl

They say watermelon is a good fruit. You eat. You drink. You wash your face. Couldn’t agree more. Especially if you’re drinking it with vodka and/or eating it with cheese (*wink-wink*).

One of my favourite childhood memories involves my mom or grandma struggling to carry home enormous watermelons, cut them in half then put them in the fridge for a couple of hours. I would circle that freakin’ fridge for hours, waiting for my sweet reward. I was always getting a huge slice; then, I would take off my shoes and ran outside barefoot to enjoy that wonderful treat without anyone complaning about the mess. Of course, I still had to take a shower everytime I got back inside.

20 years have passed and I still enjoy stuffin’ my face in a huge slice of cold watermelon wishing I was 7 again. That’s not going to happen; on top of that, I started eating my watermelon with cheese, therefore with a glass of red. I always go for the blue stilton, fresh mint and a bit of olive oil. Delish and summerish. You’re welcome! 🙂