Fun on toast

Or I fooled Elena into thinking she’s never going to find a better flatmate and cook than me even though I wasn’t in the mood for cooking. 🙂

First of all, buy bread, any bread you fancy; I went for baguette. Slice the bread, toast the bread, go wild with flavours. Or don’t. 🙂 I emptied the frigde and managed to come up with the seven ones above:

1. crushed beans, fried artichoke, red onion – my second favourite of them. 

2. wild garlic pesto (I’m guessing the basil one will also do), parmesan shavings, walnuts – nothing new about that.

3. crushed avocado, chilli flakes – flawless, we all know that.

4. marinated beetroot, blue stilton, walnuts – not bad. not bad at all.

5. blue stilton, fresh berries (raspberries and blackberries), fresh mint, olive oil – de-freakin’-licious!

6. beef tomatoes, anchovies, fresh oregano – fresh, summerish, salty, good. 

7. sauteed shiitake, garlic, butter, thyme – divine! yup, that’s got to be the best of them. 

So, what’s your favourite thing on toast? 🙂