Dark Sugars and the chocolate truffles

Close your eyes and try to remember the first time you ate a piece of chocolate; its taste, the way it melted, the way you wanted it to last forever, or how pissed you got when your parents told you that you had enough. Now open your eyes and keep reading!

If you’re not dead, but you strongly feel you’re in heaven, you’re probably inside Dark Sugars. St. Peter is not waiting at the entrance and every sinner is allowed, at least once.

‘Ridiculously amazingly tasty chocolate!’, that was my first thought when I was offered a sample of some ginger chocolate truffle. Freaking amazing!


Located on 141 Brick Lane, Dark Sugars sells (probably) the best chocolate truffles in London. And trust me, there’s a flavor for each and every one of you: nougat dark/milk, coconut dark, irish whisky cream, passion fruit, liquid seasalt caramel (absolutely divine!), jamaican white rum, poire and raspberry, prosecco, vodka orange, cinnamon cider, fresh mint, white chocolate pistachio, chilli chocolate, cardamom orange, you name it! Careful, though, they do charge £7 per 100g. They also have a selection of vegan chocolates, if that’s your thing and some hot chocolates that I cannot wait to try.