About Me

Originally from Romania. Started cooking a few years ago trying to impress a guy. Didn’t work. With the guy.
Me? I ended as up a chef, a pretty good one, they say.

I like pork. And garlic. And prosecco, a loooot! Oh, and Old Fashioned’s. And swearing at work. We all do, so it’s fine. When I was a child I wanted to become a teacher. I still don’t know what the hell was I thinking. Later on I studied Journalism. Now I like to correct other’s people grammar.

If you must know, I enjoy eating pretty much everything. Except nutmeg. I hate nutmeg! The worst day of my life was when I forgot my headphones home. Oh, and my name is Alex(andra)!

I have an email adress, try it: alex@meatthefoodie.com. I swear it works, I set it up myself.